Camilla Ravindran, who is one of the women that I write about in my book Speaking to Yourself with Love (soon to be launched on Kindle!), is holding a retreat for women: Re-awaken the Goddess Within.


The retreat will be held during the weekend of May 26-28 on the Sunshine Coast: You can find more information HERE.


I asked Camilla a few questions about the retreat, and how we can use self-talk to help us connect once again with our feminine power.


Maryse: How can you use the way you speak to yourself to reawaken your inner goddess?


Camilla: It feels like it’s not about talking to yourself but it’s more about listening. The voice of the Goddess speaks to us constantly: it’s that sweet whisper, that all-inclusive, intuitive voice that has no boundaries.


When we are able to connect with it and follow her, that’s when magic happens, when we are in the flow, when we feel that everything is easy, there is no resistance.


For most Women that’s when we are at “home” in that Feminine energy.


One question that I always found useful to help me connect back with that voice is: if I had no fear what would I do? And what’s the worst thing that can happen? Most of the times I then realize that my fears are mostly about things that I have no control over. So I choose love instead.


Most of us forget that loving ourselves is so important: take time for yourself, be gentle, and ask yourself how you are doing. The Goddess needs that self care.



Maryse: Please tell me what your intention is for the women who will attend the retreat?


Camilla: My intention is to create a Sacred space where all of us can embrace our vulnerability, connect to that Feminine essence and take home at least one simple practice that we can do in our daily life to go back to that place.


And we’ll, together, create a Sacred Sisterhood: they are so much needed, a place where I feel supported, not judged, where I can share and heal and cry and laugh. Each one of us will be able to go back in her community and build one. The worst enemies of women are other women, I am serving to make us Sisters, the best supporters: when I support you shining my heart glows in love.