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Speaking to Yourself with Love: Transform Your Self-Talk

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In this unique and exciting new book, you will explore what it means to choose to speak to yourself with kindness, love, and compassion. Speaking to Yourself with Love: Transform Your Self-Talk will show you how to change your inner speech.

Did you know that you can choose how you speak to yourself just like you choose how you speak to others? You can learn to speak to yourself as a real friend or loving parent would. If you change the inner conversation, you can change your life.

Speaking to Yourself with Love: Transform Your Self-Talk is filled with personal stories of how Maryse changed her inner speech to one with more love, lightness, kindness, and support. It also contains inspirational stories from other women about their self-talk journey. Plus, the book contains useful tools that Maryse created for her workshops and university classes to help you explore these new skills.

Each chapter includes real life stories, self-talk information, and explorations to help you
transform your self-talk. Each chapter explores a unique aspect of self-talk:

  • Chapter 1: There’s only love, only love, only, only love
    Or choose words of love and compassion
  • Chapter 2: You’ve got a friend in me
    Or choose words of kindness
  • Chapter 3: It’s my life and I get to decide what it means
    Or choose words of meaning
  • Chapter 4: I am more important than my problems
    Or choose words of self-worth
  • Chapter 5: Tell yourself the truth even when you don’t want it to be true
    Or choose words of truth and acceptance
  • Chapter 6: Saddle up even if you are scared
    Or Choose words of courage
  • Chapter 7: Secure your own oxygen mask first
    Or choose words of healing and self-care
  • Chapter 8: Be your own lighthouse
    Or choose words of guidance
  • Chapter 9: Keep yourself safe even from your own self
    Or choose words of protection
  • Chapter 10: When in doubt, take a nap
    Or choose words of calm and relaxation
  • Chapter 11: Lighten up baby
    Or choose words of levity and humour
  • Chapter 12: I can hear you
    Or choose words that show you are listening

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