Advance praise for Speaking to Yourself with Love: Transform Your Self Talk

I had the opportunity and honour to read a preview copy of Maryse Cardin’s new book, Speaking to Yourself with Love – Transform Your Self-Talk.

This book is a road map to living your life with compassion, care and love – for yourself. There are a lot of us who have spent our lives helping and supporting others, and thinking about our own self-care may feel like a bit of an alien concept, but it is so important.

Many people have no idea about how much or how often they harm themselves with negative self-talk. For those who have lifted their heads – even a little – above the swamp of self-nastiness that we, as human beings, are so easily trapped in, this book is a lifesaver. If you take the guidance, advice and wisdom in this book to heart and you implement the tools that Maryse provides on every page, your life will change drastically for the better.

Maryse is a true “wayfinder” in the area of positive self-talk. A former public relations professional, she walks the talk of what she prescribes in this book. She was tough on herself for much of her life, especially in her career (which is ironic – as she was a huge success and very well respected). Over the past decade (or more), she has immersed herself in the science and art of positive self-talk. She has transformed herself and now supports others through their journeys of self-acceptance and self-love.

This book is well-written, organized in a way that allows you to grow and evolve with each chapter, and brings the “how do I do that” to life. Each chapter provides an example of how a real person deals with their own negative self-talk or how they embrace the positive (sometimes both), how Maryse speaks to herself in each situation (with specific examples of what she says that you can use), and a great deal of useful advice that can be put into practice immediately.

I have worked with Maryse, as a public relations professional and with her as my self-talk coach. While she was great in her prior career in PR, it is clear that what she does now – helping people to find their unique inner voice (although she does encourage you to be kind to yourself out loud too!) – is the work of her heart and spirit. She has helped me shift my internal dialogue from mostly critical to one of compassion, kindness and support. Life is so much more of an enjoyable experience now that my internal critic has been “fired” and my best self has taken over the microphone in my head.

I have been working on this area of myself for many years now – and this book provided me with many helpful practices (more than I expected) that I can use right now. For anyone looking to improve his or her life (in so, so, so many ways that you can’t see yet!), this book is the personal guide you need.- Ruth Atherley

Testimonials for Maryse’s work

Positive self-talk does not come easy for me, in fact, when I am facing life challenges I am prone to beating myself up with a lot of negative backslash. So last year when I was going through a very difficult life change the negative self-talk got out of control and I found myself in a very dark place. I needed help and had nothing to loss when I reached out to Maryse for support. I had already checked out her website and found the concept of positive and loving self-talk intriguing and hopeful.

Maryse offered some one on one support that I eagerly accepted and later I also attended one of her Speaking to Yourself With love Workshops. Her help has made a significant difference in my life, how I view myself and how I speak to myself. The best part of her help was that I felt her empathy and understanding; I felt heard and that was a huge part in completely trusting the process she was guiding me through. I have gained valuable tools that enable me to stop the negative chatter in my mind and replace it with love, respect and kind words for myself. Often the negative talk sneaks up on me, but now I am able to recognize it quickly and stop!

Maryse’s skills and resources of self-talk for self-love and happiness are remarkable and it is evident it comes from a place of great passion in sharing her journey and helping others through theirs.

Looking forward to more Speaking to Yourself With Love workshops! — Maria Katelouzos

Maryse in just a matter of hours helped me to reconnect with my inner peace and happiness. That was a really joyful journey lead with love and respect.
Thank you Maryse. — Valérie

Maryse, thank you for leading the workshop, sharing your knowledge, experience, stories and most importantly the tools to help us on our path to creating positive self talk and self love in our lives. — Sandra