Would you like to stop being so critical of yourself? Would you like to learn how to develop an inner voice that is more calm, more supportive, more brave, or more self-compassionate? Do you have old inner messages that no longer serve you and that you would like to get rid of?

Come to one of Maryse’s self-talk workshops!

Learning the tools for positive self-talk and to speak with yourself with love can transform your life. Maryse has created insightful, practical workshops where you can learn simple ways to cultivate positive, supportive and loving self-talk.

Workshops are always kept small so that there is a lot of time and space for practice, stories and laughter. The self-talk workshops are a safe, nurturing pace to explore and transform your self-talk.

Maryse can also custom-tailor her workshop to fit the needs of your group.

Contact Maryse for more information.

Upcoming workshops:

Freedom from Negative Self-talk

Silence your inner critic and find your true, loving inner voice 

Presenters: Maryse Cardin and Laurel Glenn

Saturday, April 7 2018 @ 10:00 to 4:00

At the Zen Room in The Matheson & Grove Fine Art Gallery in Penticton

For tickets and more information:

Are you quite critical in your self-talk? Do you judge yourself harshly? Is it hard for you to accept yourself as you are? Good news! Negative self-talk can be controlled and turned into positive and loving self-talk.

In this workshop, we will explore tools to start speaking to ourselves as a true best friend would: with patience, acceptance, compassion, kindness, and levity.

Maryse Cardin and Laurel Glenn will lead a full day workshop where you will explore your self-talk, and learn how to transform it. You will also get rid of old inner messages and beliefs that no longer serve you, which may be stored in your subconscious.

Part 1: Silence your negative self-talk and connect to your positive and loving voice with Maryse

In this part lead by Maryse, we will explore tools to start speaking to ourselves as a true best friend would.  This highly interactive time will use lots of exercises so we can develop a loving inner voice.  We will also go within to see what our loving inner voice wants to communicate with us. We’ll discover what we call the “Golden Message” within.

Part 2: Making permanent change from within with Laurel

Have you made a New Year’s resolution?  By stating your intention to create positive actions and release things like negative self-talk, habits, and behaviors that no longer support you, you have taken the first step to creating a healthier more harmonious life.

Over time however motivation can dwindle.  Staying on track for making those positive patterns can be discouraging especially if you find yourself sliding backwards into old, established habits.  Triggering those familiar self-destructive mind tapes, “I should of…could of… or would of…” is very frustrating!  We always need to count on ourselves for support!  You can accomplish this!  

How?  Permanent change comes from within. Your subconscious mind has many jobs including emotions, memories, habits and beliefs.  Your conscious mind makes up a mere 5% of brain tasks including will, logic, and analysis.  Your thoughts can help you reach your goals or defeat them.  Reach your peak performance with self-hypnosis.     

While Maryse will be helping you connect to your inner voice, Laurel will be teaching you the basics about the mind, the skill of self-hypnosis and how to create powerful, supportive suggestions.

Once you identify the area you wish to change you will leave this workshop with the ability to recognize and stop negative thoughts once and for all!

Please bring a journal, pen and an open heart to the workshop.

Workshop schedule:

9:30 registration

10:00 am  Opening Circle and meditation

10:30: Silence your negative self-talk and connect to your positive and loving voice

11:00: Break

12:30: Lunch Break – (we will have an hour for lunch. Feel free to bring your own or to visit a nearby restaurant).

1:00: Making permanent change from within

2:00 Break

3:30: Closing circle

4:00: End