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Maryse Cardin's new e-book Speaking to yourself with Love: Transform your Self-Talk is now available for Kindle



Speaking to Yourself with Love e-book

Maryse’s new e-book,
Speaking to Yourself with Love: Transform your Self-Talk
is available on Amazon May 19!

This unique workbook teaches self-talk that is loving, kind and healing for
anyone who self-criticizes, judges themselves too harshly or puts
themselves down. If you want to learn to speak to yourself with kindness,
compassion, support and encouragement, this book is for you.



Listen to Maryse’s radio interview on self-talk:




Self-talk life coach

Maryse Cardin is an author, self-talk life coach and popular university instructor.

Offering both private coaching sessions and small-group workshops, she can show you
the tools you need to change your inner-conversation. Learn to speak to yourself in a
positive, supportive, healing and loving way with an approach tailored to your needs.

Learn more about self-talk coaching here

Learn more about Maryse here

Change your inner conversation, change your life!

Do you talk to yourself? Everybody does. Self talk is your inner speech, your internal conversation – the way you speak to yourself in your head or out loud.

Self-talk can work both for you and against you. Negative self-talk can influence your self-esteem, your stress level, your health, your ability to heal yourself and your success in life.

Positive self-talk improves your well being through more love, more healing, more joy, more compassion, more happiness, even more humour! It helps you develop supportive relationship with yourself.

Self-talk is the great equalizer. If you have negative self-talk and self-criticism, it doesn’t matter what you have in life or what you do. The quality of your well being is directly related to how you speak to yourself. Interested in learning more about self-talk?

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Online classes and e-course – Coming soon



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