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Maryse Cardin is a university instructor, an award-winning communications practitioner, coach and author. She is dedicated to speaking to herself with love, compassion and kindness and to helping others learn to do the same.

Her passion for teaching positive and loving self-talk is driven by her desire for us all to have lives filled with love, health, peace, joy and success. For many, self-talk is the key to healing and personal transformation.

Maryse’s unique self-talk program, Speaking to Yourself with Love®, combines elements from intrapersonal communication theory, psychology, sports psychology and coaching, Zen Buddhism among other approaches. She is a Psychological Kinesiology (PSYCH-K®) practitioner which combines positive self-talk with physical movement to transform limiting beliefs.

She is the author of several books including the recently released Speaking to Yourself with Love: Transform Your Self-Talk.

Maryse has taught communication classes at several universities including Capilano University, Simon Fraser University and Kwantlen Polytechnic University. She conducted award-winning communication campaigns all over North America, Asia and Europe. She also has a masters in mass communication and a degree in journalism.

A message from Maryse:

“For the longest time, how I spoke to others was so much kinder and patient than the way I spoke to myself. I blamed myself for every mistake and criticized myself for my faults. I put myself down constantly. You can even say I bullied myself. I felt unworthy. I felt anxious a lot of the time from this emotional self-abuse. I drowned out my inner voices with constant noise and distractions. If there were kind and loving voices inside I couldn’t even hear them. Nothing I had ever achieved on the outside changed how I felt inside. All that changed when I learned positive and loving self-talk skills. I developed inner voices that spoke to me with kindness and acceptance, and protected me from the bully inside. I started hearing the voice inside that is wise, and always loving. Now I feel much more calm, and joyful. I am forgiving of my mistakes and faults. And I give myself some of the love, friendship and support I had only given to others before. I am now on my own side too. Speaking to myself with love transformed my life. Now I can help you learn these self-talk skills too.”